Saturday, 10 November 2012

Battle Balla Gaye 2-Tine Tapha, tied by Aziz Ndiaye for the month of June 2013

The wrestling promoter, Aziz Ndiaye just tie combat BallaGaye 2 vs. Tapha Tine on Friday 9 November. This was confirmed on the waves of Zik Fm, he stressed that his lawyer KhassimouTourĂ© did sign the contract with the manager of wrestler TaphaTine. 

Aziz Ndiaye, who was to face the press, 10 November Saturday, has postponed it until next Tuesday, to ensure the prensent  of wrestler Tapha Tine aka "Takk Ci Rip", who travel to the United States. The bout is scheduled for the month of juin 2013.

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